CloutZap review – CloutZap SCAM Or Legit Beware, Something Stinks

CloutZap review – CloutZap SCAM Or Legit Beware, Something Stinks – In this review, we look at the CloutZap scam, which is a website that claims to reward users for easy internet tasks.

CloutZap review – CloutZap SCAM Or Legit Beware, Something Stinks

What is CloutZap

CloutZap is an online platform that promises to pay you up to $1000 per day by doing only a few simple tasks:

  • play free online games
  • complete surveys
  • create and post YouTube videos
  • post on Facebook
  • post on Instagram etc.

You can also earn more money by referring other people to CloutZap.

CloutZap membership is free; all you have to do is sign up and begin performing tasks to earn money right away. Will you, however, be compensated?

CloutZap scam

CloutZap reveals that something isn’t quite right. The rewards are simply too fantastic to be true. They can’t possibly be true. The following is the explanation.


CloutZap promises to pay you 45 dollars for a single Facebook post. Alternatively, you may pay 140 USD only to download and play a mobile game. Or you could pay $80 for a Tik Tok video.

You’ll need some web marketing knowledge to see that these figures are simply too high and don’t add up. You can get same service for a fraction of the price.

A Facebook post, for example, will cost you less than one dollar. So, how did CloutZap pay 45 dollars for a single post? All of CloutZap’s other jobs are subject to the same math.

To put it another way, something stinks here. CloutZap is paying this much since no advertiser is willing to spend this much for social network postings or mobile game users.

So, where does the cash come from? People aren’t getting paid, so it came out of nowhere.

If it were feasible to earn $1,000 per day simply by clicking on the internet, many individuals would quit their jobs to do so.

User experience with CloutZap

What happens with CloutZap is that customers finish the jobs, their dashboard shows their growing profits, but they never receive any money when they try to withdraw.

CloutZap, in other words, does not pay; it is a simple con. People are forced to labor, yet withdrawals are impossible. All earnings displayed to members are fictional; they are not real money.

How CloutZap really works

Many individuals believe CloutZap cannot possibly be a fraud because it is free. However, it is not free; you must pay with your time and your identity. Allow me to explain.

CloutZap does not allow you to do tasks at random. These are real tasks for which a client is paying. But it’s just pennies.

When you click on the task with the mobile game, for example, you’ll notice that it’s an affiliate link. In other words, CloutZap is bringing you to the game’s owner as a paid referral, and CloutZap is getting paid. But it’s only a few cents, not $100 or more.

On the internet, there are numerous marketing chances. Companies are eager to pay for clicks, social media posts, game downloads, and other such activities. The only issue is that each click, publish, or download is just worth a few cents at most. So you can’t just click for the sake of clicking; it would reward you nothing.

However, if you can generate a lot of traffic as an affiliate, you can make a decent living. CloutZap is doing exactly that. The scammers are linked to other firms that pay for clicks, social media posts, and game downloads, among other things.

And instead of using legit marketing techniques to get traffic, CloutZap is a scam that gets traffic by promising big rewards to people who click on their links. You click on their links, which generates traffic and rewards for CloutZap, but CloutZap keeps all the money and pays you nothing.

You wouldn’t bother doing assignments if CloutZap gave you the truth and told you that the real incentives are close to zero. You will, though, if they guarantee you tens, hundreds, or thousands of dollars.

And that’s it; CloutZap is exactly the same scam as, say, GramFree, which we’ve already exposed. It functions in the same way.

So keep in mind that CloutZap isn’t free. They’ll take your time and steal your identity. You will waste time that may be better spent on something that could make you money.

Not to mention the fact that CloutZap has access to your personal data. And, because they are con artists, they are likely to sell your personal information to other unscrupulous businesses for marketing purposes.

CloutZap review – CloutZap SCAM Or Legit Beware, Something Stinks

Final Thought On CloutZap review

CloutZap review . CloutZap is a rip-off. It will ask you to accomplish various tasks, but it will never pay you. Keep your distance from it.

CloutZap is not without risk; you will waste time with it, and your personal information may be misused.

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