Hyper One review – Hyper One Legit or Scam in the making [WARNING]

Hyper One review – Hyper One Legit or Scam in the making [WARNING] – HyperOne is a scam based on a Ponzi scheme that is meant to crash and lose money, as we describe in this article.

Hyper One review – Hyper One Legit or Scam in the making [WARNING]

What is HyperOne

Hyper One is a brand-new cryptocurrency initiative that is both decentralized and open-source. The platform is aimed to make information flow between blockchains and non-blockchain networks easier.

The platform supports four tokens: HU, H1, HC, and HOT. Everyone is a part of a scheme that promises to make you money.

Currently, there are six distinct membership levels available, with costs ranging from $100 to $12,700.

Every subscription is valid for 400 days, which is more than a year. Daily investment returns range between 0.5 and 0.68 percent, implying monthly returns of 15 to 20%.

Is Hyper One authentic, and if you buy a subscription, can you make money with it?

Why Hyper One is a scam

The truth is that HyperOne is a fraudulent scam that will lose money to the vast majority of those who participate. Our research uncovered key facts, which we explain in full below.

Recycled failed Hcash project

Hyper One makes no apologies for its involvement in the Hyper Cash (Hcash) project. So, what exactly is Hcash? Everything indicates to it being a failed cryptocurrency initiative that is simply being recycled.

Crashing Hcash token

Let’s start with the Hcash (HC) token, which you can purchase to join the Hyper One ecosystem. The token was introduced in the middle of the crypto boom era in 2017, as shown in the image below.

Coinmarketcap recorded the debut price of Hcash as 15.3 USD. Its current value is 0.1472 USD, representing a 99 percent drop of value over the last five years.

The price chart reveals that the price has been decreasing since 2018, mostly ignoring bullish phases experienced by other cryptocurrencies during that time.

All of these indicators point to a useless token.

Hyper One review – Hyper One Legit or Scam in the making [WARNING]

Not developed

Given the project’s lack of development, what is happening with the Hcash price is not surprising. Its official Github repository suggests that no meaningful work on the code has been done for at least two years.

Despite this, Hyper One uses the exact same language as Hcash. Hcash announced five years ago that they wanted to create a sidechain for blockchains and non-blockchain systems. The same mission is declared by Hyper One today.

They were unable to develop what they had announced in five years. What does it say about the project to you? HyperOne is clearly reusing the failed Hcash idea and attempting to pass it off as fresh. But it isn’t; it’s simply something that hasn’t worked in the last five years.

HOT – a new token to be dumped on you

As we’ve seen, Hyper One is simply repeating Hcash’s five-year-old concepts that never materialized. We’ve also demonstrated that the Hcash crypto coin has lost 99 percent of its value and that no one wants it.

So HyperOne decided to throw in a new token into the mix, dubbed Hyperone Token, in order to have something new to dump on the market (HOT). See how they simply copied the text from the previous Hcash whitepaper and replaced Hcash with HOT in the image below.

The irony is that they want you to buy both HOT and Hcash, despite the fact that their papers state that their blockchain’s currency is either one or the other.

Another point worth highlighting is that the HOT cryptocurrency is a BEP-20 token, which implies it is a Binance Smart Chain secondary token.

To put it another way, HOT does not have its own blockchain; instead, it uses the Binance blockchain. Which shows that the HyperOne project isn’t finished, the product isn’t ready, and yet they’re trying to sell it to you!

H1 and HU tokens

As if two worthless tokens (Hcash and HOT) were not enough, Hyper One is throwing additional two at you: H1 and HU.

H1 serves as a reward in the HyperNFT pyramid, while Hyper Unites (HU) serves as a reward in the mining pyramid.

Do not believe this is about genuine NFT trading or cryptocurrency mining. These are merely man-made structures intended to give the pyramid a face. We’re not claiming they won’t make any NFTs; we’re just stating that none of the HyperOne tokens will have any real market value.

The platform now lists the price of HU, H1, and HOT as 1 USD. However, because the tokens aren’t traded on any public exchange, these prices aren’t established by the real market.

Unsustainable rewards

We have demonstrated this with Hyper One, a crypto project that has promised something for five years but has yet to deliver. You’d think it couldn’t offer any benefits because the ultimate product doesn’t exist. Wrong. The stakes are high.

There are six distinct Hyper One NFT membership levels that cost from $100 to $12,700 USD at the time of writing this review. They have a HU price.

And daily investment returns range from 0.5 to 0.68 percent. It equates to a monthly increase of 15 to 20%. And that tells you everything you need to know about HyperOne.

Right now, a project that is still under development is offering you 20% monthly returns. Day in and day out, steady daily returns of 0.5–0.68%. Something like that can only be offered by a con.

We’ve investigated thousands of investment frauds, and the most common argument is if you can make 20% monthly in Forex or cryptocurrency trading, which you can’t. It would be impossible to do that every month.

However, there is no disagreement regarding the potential of an actual activity or product with Hyper One because they confess their product (blockchain) is still under development. So, how does it earn a 20% monthly profit? Of course, it can’t since it’s all a huge ruse. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Hyper One review – Hyper One Legit or Scam in the making [WARNING]

How HyperOne really works – a Ponzi par excellence

We explained in this assessment that HyperOne is essentially rehashing a failed idea by simply promising something that took five years to build but never materialized.

Normally, the majority of their presentation would focus on the creation of their blockchain, its use cases, and how they intend to bring it to market, among other things.

However, that is not the case; the majority of HyperOne’s presentation focuses on how to profit from promoting the project. There is a massive multi-level prize structure, similar to a financial pyramid.

You make more money the more people you bring in. You earn more money the more individuals your referrals bring in. They want you to market a failed concept to the general public. To purchase crypto tokens that serve only as a means of transferring value in a Ponzi scheme.

Because that is what Hyper One is, a Ponzi scheme. Which means that it is destined to collapse.

HyperOne will simply collect money from individuals and distribute it to its members. Simply put, it will take money from new members and distribute it to existing ones.

This, of course, necessitates a steady inflow of new deposits. Which always has a finite lifespan. Ponzi schemes always fail because they cannot be sustained.

And this is what will happen with Hyper One: it will be heavily advertised on social media by scammers, resulting in a large influx of funds in the early stages, which will keep the Ponzi scheme afloat for a while. Then the flows will halt, the scheme will stall, payments will be delayed, excuses will be made, and the inevitable collapse will come to an end.

Unfortunately, many people are still willing to participate in such schemes as long as they can profit from them. Don’t follow in their footsteps. What you must understand is that in order for a few people to profit from these schemes, many others must lose.

Many unwary people will invest based on the false promise of a real enterprise, unaware that they are being duped.

Hyper One review – Hyper One Legit or Scam in the making [WARNING]

Final Thought About Hyper One review

The Ponzi scheme Hyper One is based on the unsuccessful Hcash project. It will most likely continue for some time, but it is a deceptive ploy guaranteed to fail. You must avoid it at all costs.

Use legitimate platforms and invest in established and proven businesses if you’re interested in cryptocurrency investing.

Before you invest real money, make sure you understand the dangers and that you’re only risking money you can afford to lose.

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