Omegapro Review – Legit Or Scam Know Now

Omegapro Review – Legit Or Scam Know Now – Omegapro scam is explained in this review. Learn why you shouldn’t invest with this fictitious broker.

What is OmegaPro

Omegapro Review – Legit Or Scam Know Now

Omegapro is a broker that allows its clients to trade currency pairings, commodities, equities, and indices, according to its official website. There are more than 200 underlying assets with which you can trade.

Omegapro is also a financial investment program that offers a variety of packages with up to 300 percent returns after 16 months. You can withdraw your daily earnings, with paid bundles starting at $150. For new clients, there is a one-time registration cost of 29 USD.

Furthermore, Omegapro offers a referral program that allows you to earn more money by bringing new clients to its system.

Is Omegapro legit?

Omegapro, unfortunately, is a scam. It’s an unlicensed broker and investment firm. Omegapro provides financial and investing services, both of which require financial regulators’ approval. In most countries around the world, this is the law.

Omegapro, on the other hand, has no license. Its headquarters are in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and it is not licensed to provide investment services anyplace in the globe. It means, for example, that clients’ savings are not insured. As a result, there will be no returns if money from Omegapro accounts disappears one day.

Omegapro is an unlawful investment service, according to the Spanish financial regulator CNMV. That in itself is a compelling reason to avoid it. Every other international banking authority would reach the same conclusion as the CNMV.

Update: In 2021, the Belgian financial authority FSMA issued a public warning that OmegaPro shows signs of being a Ponzi scam, and the French financial regulator AMF placed OmegaPro on the blacklist.

Omegapro scam

Omegapro is, in fact, a sham. It is not a legitimate firm or program; rather, it is an illicit financial scheme that is only interested in the money that people who join the system deposit.

Investing with Omegapro is a high risk, as the system can fall down at any time, leaving you with nothing and no one to help you get your money back.

Not a real broker

The first thing we observed was that Omegapro was not a legitimate broker. We couldn’t find a trading platform because the dashboard doesn’t allow us to access it. Obviously, no genuine financial trading is taking place.

Even though Omegapro was founded in 2019, they still claim that the exchange would be available shortly. As you can see in our image, the Coming Shortly option is also coming soon. Apart from the joking, Omegapro lacks every feature that would provide it some credence.

With Omegapro, all you can see is a pyramidal referral system. In order to make money, you must create a network of depositors.

Omegapro Review – Legit Or Scam Know Now

No real trading, fake plans

OmegaPro is meant to make money via artificial intelligence-based trading algorithms. However, the company does not even trade on genuine financial markets, let alone with AI-based trading algorithms.

The investing strategies are entirely based on Omegapro’s illicit financial scam. This means that your money will not be used to trade genuine financial markets; instead, it will be turned around by the system’s crooks.


Omegapro claims to be based in the British Virgin Islands. Which is already a location with a reputation for lax financial regulations.

However, Omegapro does not appear to be present. We looked in the commercial registration and then the finance register, but there was no record of Omegapro.

The Omegapro official website is the only place on the internet where the company registration number 25857BC2020 can be found. As a result, we have cause to suspect that is a completely anonymous service operated by unseen crooks.

It’s hard to verify what they say because they don’t supply a phone number.

Criminal investigation in Congo

Authorities in Congo revealed in April 2022 that Omega Pro is a Ponzi scheme under investigation. Additional measures were taken to stop Omegapro, including search warrants for two of the company’s official representatives.

How Omegapro works

Omegapro is involved in a Ponzi scheme, which is a type of financial fraud. Ponzi schemes ostensibly undertake legitimate business, such as financial trading, but in reality they simply toy with money received through deposits.

Omegapro is therefore dependent on new deposits coming into the system, they use them to pay out profits. You don’t need to be a financial genius to see that such a scheme is destined to collapse, it always is just a question of time.

Omegapro’s returns aren’t astronomically high, therefore the con can go on for a long time. But it is still a sham scheme that will undoubtedly fail; there is no other way for it to finish.

When Omegapro fails, it will stop paying out earnings, and consumers will realize that their deposits have also been lost; there will be no money in the system.

Protect yourself, get your money back

If you have already invested in Omegapro and have only now seen our review, we advise you to withdraw your funds as soon as possible and avoid this fraudulent investment scam.

You may be able to extract some money from illicit financial games like Omegapro, but this money will be lost to someone else. In order for others to profit from these schemes, some people must be conned. So, don’t do it; don’t put your money into Omegapro.

If Omegapro has already stopped paying, you can request a refund. If you paid with a credit or debit card, request a refund from your bank. Omegapro, on the other hand, appears to be pushing for cryptocurrency deposits, which are, regrettably, illegal.

Final Thought On Omegapro review

Omegapro is not a legitimate broker or investment business. Omegapro is a scam that has been warned against by at least three separate financial agencies. Keep a safe distance from it!

Investing and trading should only be done with organizations that are regulated. You can start studying with a free demo from a regulated broker. You’ll find out if you can develop a profitable approach.

Nobody will generate you large income for free, especially nameless and dubious programs like Omegapro.

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