Prounixtripple FX Trades review – Prounixtripple FX Trades LEGIT or SCAM

Prounixtripple FX Trades review – Prounixtripple FX Trades LEGIT or SCAM – Prounixtripple FXtrades is a phony financial trading platform that you should avoid, according to this review.

Prounixtripple FX Trades review – Prounixtripple FX Trades LEGIT or SCAM

What is Prounixtripple FX Trades

Prounixtripple FXTrades is a trading platform and brokerage service that allows you to trade Forex, stock CFDs, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

There are four investing options available on the platform, with minimum deposits starting at 2000 USD.

They have a 2 percent return on investment. It is unclear whether the rate is per hour or per day.

The most crucial question is whether or not you should invest your money with Prounixtripple FX Trades.

Prounixtripple FX Trades scam

Prounixtripple FX Trades is an investment scam of the worst sort, according to our study. The following is the explanation.

Unregulated and illegal

Prounixtripple FX Trades is situated in New York, according to its official website. This implies that it must be registered and regulated in accordance with US law.

However, a short investigation found that Prounixtripple FX Trades is neither a firm nor a regulated investment service in New York.

This means it’s an unregulated, unregistered, and unlawful investing service. It is never worthwhile to use a broker who is breaching the law.

To be honest, we believe that Prounixtripple FX Trades is not even based in the United States, and that it is simply using a phony address to appear legitimate. But it isn’t; it’s a ruse.

Prounixtripple FX Trades review – Prounixtripple FX Trades LEGIT or SCAM

Fake statistics

The metrics on Prounixtripple FX Trades’ website are another fakery that is designed to give it a legitimate appearance. They claim that the platform has over 46,000 members and hundreds of millions of dollars in assets.

However, the domain name was only created in April 2022, therefore it is only one month old.

It’s nearly difficult for an investment platform to reach these heights in a single month. All of the huge numbers in the statistics are obviously false.

The investment plans can’t be serious

Finally, consider Prounixtripple FX Trades’ investment strategies. They’re a touch unclear, as we’ve already said, because it’s not clear if the 2% returns are meant to be given daily or hourly at first glance. This is a red flag in and of itself.

But it makes no difference whether the 2% profits are meant to be produced hourly or daily, because both scenarios are unrealistic in the real world of financial trading.

Only frauds can offer such returns, and Prounixtripple FX Trades is clearly a phony site.

There’s no way to achieve 2% daily returns in a long-term sustainable manner. Nobody can obtain a monthly percentage rate of 60%.

How Prounixtripple FX Trades works behind the scenes

Scams like Prounixtripple FX Trades frequently begin as Ponzi schemes, with the belief that deposits will fund withdrawals for a long time. These is what scams like this always end up doing.

Ponzi schemes never engage in productive trading or investing; instead, they simply accept money from new members and distribute it to existing members.

But according to our information, Prounixtripple FX Trades is not even a Ponzi scheme, it is not paying at all, it is a simple scam that just steals money from people.

As a result, any deposits made through this platform will be lost, and you will not be reimbursed. Because deposits must be made in cryptocurrency, these transactions are irrevocable, and you will be unable to retrieve your funds.

Final Thought About Prounixtripple FX Trades review

Prounixtripple FX Trades is a phony investing platform that will take your money and return nothing. You must stay away from it.

Start with a free demo account with a licensed provider if you wish to test real investing. To discover and understand how everything works, use virtual money.

You must be certain that you understand the dangers before investing real money. Never trade with money that you can’t afford to lose.

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