Smysor Scholarship Windsor Illinois 2022- Guide To Get Selected

Smysor Scholarship Windsor Illinois 2022- Guide To Get Selected

It is the Smysor Scholarship Windsor Illinois is specifically designed for students in high school who require financial aid. It was created to aid bright students across the State of Illinois with outstanding academic performance and civic involvement. The student should also show traits of leadership within their school.

The goal of the organizers of the award is to create students that will help improve the town that is located in Windsor, Illinois, and the world around them.

The Goal For This Smysor Award Windsor Illinois

The scholarship has been arranged by the John D. Smysor Educational Foundation, Inc. The foundation was explicitly established to provide scholarships to high school seniors who have had a track record of accomplishment in athletics and academics but require money to help them pursue their post-secondary goals. The John D. Smysor Foundation will encourage students who are looking to improve their academic development by providing permanent two-year scholarships worth upwards of $4,000 for a maximum of 10 (10) eligible students every year. The award is not based on the performance of athletes or other records on its own and does not require the adherence to any particular sport or team at a school of higher education. Additionally, students cannot be awarded more than one prize every year.

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This award is designed for students in high school who are planning to attend a university or college and who have been accepted into the undergraduate programs. The scholarship will be given to the student who has shown an unwavering commitment to the effort, dedication, and success throughout their entire high school experience.

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The award will be based on merits in academics, financial need, and other significant extracurricular activities that show leadership qualities. However, the community or talents also are considered when evaluating candidates. When they complete their undergraduate studies, recipients must reside in and work in one of the nine central counties (LaSalle, Livingston, Macoupin, Madison, Monroe, Pike) in Illinois for at least three years after their graduation. Previous recipients must provide proof of their employment or enrollment status prior to renewing eligibility for scholarships and the number of awards.

Who is eligible to apply for Smysor Grant Windsor, Illinois?

The John L., Harry L. as well as the Catherine H. Smysor Scholarship are available to seniors in the current class and graduates who have graduated from Windsor High School, and dependents of Windsor High School alumni. The applicant must submit either a high school or transcript from a college, ACT or SAT scores (if applicable), and data on aid to financial need.

How to Apply for Smysor Award Windsor Illinois

If you’re in high school, there is a good chance that, at some point or another, you’ve been aware of the Smysor Scholarship. What does it mean? Let us discover! The Smysor Scholarship grants financial assistance to high school students who exhibit an outstanding commitment to their community and academics and show the characteristics of leadership and motivation within their schools and communities to improve their hometown located in Windsor, Illinois, and the world around them.

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The scholarship application is available online at,

Candidates must complete their Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation Common Scholarship application, which is a general application that will determine the applicant’s eligibility to receive one or more Community Foundation scholarships. After submitting the application, applicants must submit additional information to support further applications.

Smysor Scholarship Windsor Illinois Deadline

The deadline for applications expires at 11:59 p.m. on the 11th of March 2022.

Tips to Aid You in Applying

  • Apply for the position before the deadline. ( however, if you don’t meet the deadline, then write an appeal) although there isn’t any assurance that your appeal will be considered.
  • You should take on leadership roles in your high school to ensure that you are eligible to participate in this program.
  • Participate in sports activities.


Overal, Smysor Scholarship Windsor Illinois, is a great chance to earn a scholarship if you get the chance.

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